Tim Barnett
Tim is a dynamic speaker who provides a perfect blend of expertise and humor in each talk. Using easy-to-follow and visually engaging presentations, Tim trains Christians to think clearly about what they believe and why they believe it. Tim’s passion and energy will help motivate you to love God with all your mind.

Before joining the STR speaking team, Tim founded an apologetics-based speaking ministry. Through his speaking, he has been able to help make a powerful impact defending and contending for the faith both in church settings as well as on the university stage. He has also had the opportunity to speak at numerous ACSI conferences, Power to Change events, the Apologetics Canada conference, and the National Conference on Christian Apologetics.

Tim has worked as a professional teacher since 2008, employed in both the private and public sector.

Tim has bachelor’s degrees in physics and education from York University and the University of Ontario, respectively. He is currently working on his master’s degree in philosophy from Southern Evangelical Seminary.

Tim lives with his wife and two children in Ontario, Canada.


Is One Way the Only Way?

The most offensive element of the Gospel and the most common objection to Christianity is the idea that Jesus is the only way to God. In this talk, Tim gives a simple, but powerful, argument why religious pluralism is false, and then looks at the historical record and asks if we have any good reason to believe Jesus’ own claim about Himself. Finally, Tim explains in detail why Jesus is the only way by giving a powerful and moving account of the work of the cross.

Tactics in Defending Your Faith

Have you ever been caught flat-footed in conversations about spiritual things? Have you ever wished that you spoken up but didn’t because you didn’t know how to start? This talk is for you! Instead of giving you a truck load of information to download, this presentation does something a little different. Tim wants to give you a game plan you can use to defend your faith to friend and foe alike. In your time together, he is going to equip you with a handful of effective maneuvers, which he calls ‘Tactics’. Whether you are shy or outgoing; have a High School diploma or a PhD, this presentation will help you get into the game and make an impact for Christ.


“I still remember sitting there in one of my physics classes as a second-year student and being told by my professor that you can’t be a scientist and believe in God any more than you can be a rational human being and believe in Santa Claus.

It was comments like this that led this young, future science teacher to begin to question whether God exists at all. Was there any proof for God’s existence? Are science and religion mortal enemies? Was my belief in God simply a blind leap of faith? Could the Bible be trusted? Were miracles even possible? Questions began to flood my mind. So I began to search for answers.

And what I discovered was truly amazing! Christianity has answers. Not just answers, but good answers. In fact, I have come to the conclusion that Christianity is true. As a result, I’ve devoted my life to helping others understand and defend classical Christianity.”