We love putting good books into student’s hands. Every attendee at our 2020 HCYK conference will receive a free copy of The Case for a Creator – Student Edition, by Lee Strobel.

Christian students are bombarded by a culture which assumes that the universe and life in it just popped into existence and evolved into the world as we know it. Meanwhile, believing in Creation gets you lumped in with Bigfoot hunters and the Flat Earth Society. Isn’t there a way to make a credible case for a Creator?

In this student edition of his book Case for a Creator, Lee Strobel presents what amounts to an abundance of evidence from some of the worlds brightest minds in the fields of cosmology, biology, physics and astronomy.

This book gives students a great resource to turn to, to boost their confidence that belief in the Bible’s account of Creation does not have to be held blindly, and can be intelligently defended on scientific grounds.

A great resource for every student!